(history) Gloria’s Step Sheets

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This page last modified 5/22/2021

  • This page shows you an “unofficial” COPY of Gloria McDevitt’s Step Sheet list, as it was on 4/8/2021 (Link 1 below).
  • You can also view the PDFs of most of her step sheets (Link 3 below).
Link1 – List of Step Sheets
  • The above link displays “View only” copy of Gloria’s 4/8/21 step sheet list in Google Sheets — sorted by DANCE.
    • This list contains links to the Copper Knob page, and in some cases to a walk-through VIDEO.
  • You can also PRINT this spreadsheet. (Select cell range A1:E64 to avoid printing unnecessary extra columns F&G on the right side)
    • More Info HERE about printing
Link2 – Sorted by SONG
  • The same “View only” copy as Link 1′ above — except sorted by SONG..
Link3 – PDF Stepsheets
  • The above link opens a Google Drive album, containing most of the 61 stepsheets in Gloria’s list
  • Note you can DOWNLOAD this whole directory if you like.

Link 4 – For Reference – The ORIGINAL copy of Patti Fenner’s 4/8 spreadsheet